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The IDIIL Summer Day Program will be in full session again this summer! Our unique summer program balances academics, relaxation and enjoyment. It starts from structural academic enrichment activities, to creative/collaborative activities, and followed with the fun & competitive activities. IDIIL summer day program promotes academic achievement, creativity, collaboration, team spirit, and  friendship.
The academic enrichment activities

The academic enrichment activities incorporate the well-known IDIIL fully individualized, discovery-based academic enrichment programs in Math, English, Problem Solving & Thinking Skills, and Writing. Children learn in a challenging, yet low-pressure environment where they can achieve great academic advancement as well as build genuine confidence and good study habits. In this interactive, discovery-based learning environment, the learning is always self-initiated yet guided by experienced instructors.

Creative/collaborative activities

Creative/collaborative activities including creative writing, arts & crafts, creative drama, and magic sci­ence:

  • Magic Science, designed by MIT scientists, has been a very popular program in previ­ous IDIIL Summer Sessions. The program consists of simple science experiments in the form of magic shows. All students will get hands-on and collaborative learning experiences with fun and inspiration.
  • The Creative Writing program, designed by highly-skilled writing experts, allows students to express themselves creatively in either a collaborative project or a personal task. Students will be exposed to different genres of writing: poetry, newspaper, advertisement, resume, book writing, or playwriting.
  • The Creative Drama program integrates creative writing, science, arts & crafts, dance, performance art, and group organization skills. It promotes creativity, brainstorming, and collaboration.
  • Arts & Crafts introduces students to multicultural arts and encourages students to develop their creativity.
Fun & competitive activities

Fun & Competitive Activities include educational field trips, educational computer games, Chess Time (Chess, Chinese Chess and Go), strategic card/board games, International Fashion Show, vocabulary bingo, auction, treasure hunts, and many other competitive team activities.

Additional Programs (with additional fees):
  • Educational field trips to museums, Aquarium, nature explorations, historical sites, and many publically offered educational programs.
  • Chinese Lessons for kids and adults by experienced instructor with interactive curriculum.
  • Go lesson, Chess Lesson (chess, chinese chess)
  • ISEE/SSAT & SAT Prep Programs: These high quality standardized tests prep classes provide the intensive review, practice tests, study guides and test strategies, by our experienced instructors. Although the previous records have proven that all of our long term students can pass the standardized tests with flying color without any extra preparation, this intensive prep program can ensure the best test result for all students. Congratulation to our students in last year ISEE program, 100% of them reach high score needed to enter the first choice school. There are totally 40 class-hours in each 8 weeks session.
Staff at each center consists of a director, head teachers, and counselors. The director oversees all daily activities. The head teachers, assisted by the counselors, help with academic and recreational activities. All of our staff members are enthusiastic and have extensive experience working with children.