Advanced Writting Workshop

The IDIIL Writing Program focuses mainly on helping the student to develop composition skills in order to aid them in completing various writing tasks in school. It also helps in the development of expository writing skills. Therefore, the ultimate goal of this program is to enable students to write a 5, or more, paragraph essay at the completion of our writing program. However, as any good writer knows, all good writing starts with the ability to generate interesting ideas and to elaborate on thought, so that the writing becomes meaningful and colorful. Therefore, our writing program starts with brainstorming and elaboration. Different levels of brainstorming and elaboration skills will be learned throughout each step of the program.

As with every other IDIIL individualized program, the IDIIL Writing Program allows students to learn new concepts and skills through discovery and appreciation toward the usefulness of these concepts and skills. In addition, students are constantly asked to constructively criticize their own writing and the writing of their peers in accordance with the concepts that they have learned so that their self-awareness and critical thinking capabilities are developed. IDIIL's writing program will enable students to perform all types of academic writing tasks with clarity and confidence.

In addition to composition skills, IDIIL's writing program will also help to deepen students understanding and skillful usage of the language arts knowledge they have learned. However, in order for students to learn more effectively, students are asked to complete level D of our English program before they can begin our writing program.


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