IDIIL Online Self-study Program

The IDIIL Skill-Sharpener is a computerized program that is designed to deepen students' understanding of important concepts and skills that must be internalized in order for the acquisition of advanced knowledge to become natural. In math, these concepts and skills include mental calculations, number sense, creative arithmetic, and concept twisters; in English, they could be keyboarding, phonics, spelling, grammar rules, analogy, etc. We expect that students have already learned, but not yet fully internalized, these skills and concepts in our individualized program before they begin to work with the IDIIL Skill-Sharpener.

To make internalization most effective, IDIIL Skill-Sharpener activities are designed to be challenging, game-like, fun, and promptly responsive. The program is comprised of four different parts:

1. Ladder Challenge Area: Students enter this area by completing an assessment and then either climb up or drop down one or more steps, or one level, depending on speed and accuracy. Upon completion of the exercise, depending on the score they receive, students earn different amounts of IDIIL Dollars that can be used to purchase rewards.

2. Exercise Room: Students can choose their own Skill-Sharpener exercise from a variety of different categories.

3. Tournament Center: Each week, one challenging exercise is chosen for each level. Students can then enter a tournament to try and beat out other students at their level. There is a scoreboard listing the top ten scorers in each level. The winners at each level will be rewarded with IDIIL Dollars and will enter the IDIIL Hall of Fame.

4. Pronunciation Clinic: In this area, students can improve on their pronunciation and recitation skills. Their voices will be recorded and replayed back to them so that they can make corrections promptly. Both instructors and parents can listen to student voice recordings in order to better understand and help with any problem areas.

IDIIL's Skill-Sharpener plays an important role in speeding up the learning process while cementing important concepts that need to be fully internalized in order to build a solid foundation for academic advancement. The IDIIL Skill-Sharpener is not only a popular activity at IDIIL Learning Centers, but it also serves as an excellent tool for students to do exercises at home on a daily basis. Please contact your local IDIIL Learning Center or contact us directly for more information on how to subscribe to the online Skill-Sharpener Learning tool.


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