IDIIL Individualized Learning Program

IDIIL's Individualized curriculum is the core of our academic programming and is also the key reason why students in all our programs can reach such a high level of academic success. Simply put, it follows pedagogy and curriculum designed by IDIIL Educational Institute. Its distinguishing features and analyzing/planning tools, as indicated on our website, are responsible for our students’ success.

IDIIL offers high quality academic enrichment programming year round. Currently, we offer English and Math programs from Pre-school to 12th grade. Our English program is separated into English Reading and English Writing and our Math program is separated into Math and Problem Solving.

Math: The math program provides students with a solid understanding of both abstract math and simple word problems.

Problem Solving: The problem solving program places more emphasis on problem solving skills, critical/analytical thinking skills, and various logical reasoning skills, while also helping to deepen the students' understanding of abstract math via problem-solving situations.

English (Reading): The English reading program helps students acquire concrete mastery of English Language Arts and also includes basic writing skills.

English (Writing): The English writing program focuses on composition writing skills, thought creation and organization and helps deepen understanding of language arts as a whole.

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