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Center : IDIIL001
Student: Liu Haokun
Sign Date:2002-1-10

Very bright, learns quickly and is making great progress!


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  Kid's Vioce

* I love going to IDIIL every afternoon. I get to learn quickly and read lots of interesting books. When older kids are doing their journal writing, I can draw a lot of pictures to tell my story. IDIIL is a lot of fun. Right now I am one of the best students in our school, all my teachers love me and I love them too.
                                                                                                                        --- Ivy Ho from Mc Glynn School, Medford, MA

* I hated learning before because I thought that I am dumb. But IDIIL let me know that I am actually pretty smart. Now I love math and I am actually better than a lot of kids in my class. Also, every day I get to play computer game after I finish IDIIL work. I love IDIIL !
                                                                                                                        --- David White from Beebe School , Malden, MA

  Parents' Comment

l       At IDIIL, my child gets a lot of individual attention. The teachers there encourage him a lot and I can tell that
this has really sparked his interest in learning. Sometimes I joke with my child about quitting IDIIL, he never agrees.

                                                                                         ----Ruotian Zhu’s Father

l       My child has never really enjoyed studying. We even got him a private tutor but every session left him feeling frustrated and discouraged. Now that he has been going to IDIIL, he doesn’t mind studying at all. In fact, he likes it because he knows that he can do it on his own. IDIIL has helped him a lot with his independent studying and thinking skills, the way a private tutor never could.

                                                                                         -----Haokun Liu’s parents

  Teacher's Opinions

Ivy comes from a Vietnamese immigrant family and was born in the US. She came to us as a kindergartner and we could tell right away that she was an extremely bright little girl; however, she had not learned anything about numbers or the alphabet before she joined the IDIIL afternoon program in October of 2005. In just 2 weeks after joining our program, we were able to identify her special strengths in the area of graphical perception. We immediately set up a plan for Ivy based on her individual learning needs. Currently, having been in our program for only four months, she can already add 2-digit numbers and subtract single-digit numbers. In the meantime, she has not only mastered all capital and lower case letters and more than 300 pictorial words, but has also acquired a comprehensive understanding of basic phonic rules. This allows her to accurately spell more than 50 3-letter-words. In addition to her great academic achievements, her motivation, concentration span, and pattern recognition skills have all improved. She is phenomenal.

David came to us as a very shy and uncooperative boy who showed all the typical signs of a kid with very low self-esteem. A thousand thanks to his mom for her full support and understanding, we have started everything from the very beginning, allowing him to solidify all of the important academic foundations from scratch while developing a genuine confidence in his own learning capabilities. The first 2 months was quite a struggle. We made every effort to make David believe, via his own sense of achievement rather than putting words in his head, that he is capable of learning. Today, only 5 months after he joined our program, David has gained an above average level of confidence and is doing exceedingly well in all of his academic endeavors at school. Though the math work that he is currently doing at IDIIL is still few months behind his grade level, his performance and behavior at school has improved drastically.  Knowing that I was able to help David believe in his self, and become a confident learner, makes me proud to be an IDIIL instructor.


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